Monday, February 18, 2008


I found some interesting shapes in pencil shavings when I shaved pencils that I used. It looks like a delicate flower so, I wanted to make something interesting for my mobile assignment. At first, in my mind I thought about clouds moving in the sky or even women's hair curls which is blowing in the wind. I was very excited to be thinking about possible new ideas with his material, but I had some problems because to make one complete shape that looks like something, I would need lots of pencils and pencil shavings, and moreover to make those shapes consistent I had to use only a few centimeters of a new pencil to make this shape. It is also very fragile to connect each shape. It was more complicated than I expected. This is like kind of vine, so I call this PencilVine. I had a fun during this work. Even though this is about mobile assignment, I will be able to apply to lots of different shapes and give it mobility, like blowing in the wind or twisting.

More pictures
pencilVine <-- click here ^^!

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tucker said...

i don't know if my previous comments made it - so here ya go again:
looks good
is it really small and made from a real pencil?