Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This idea was inspired by ripples on the water.
and I wanted to make free flowing lines and natural organic shape.
When I draw this shape, I didn't have any special purpose.
However, in last class, I got an idea to make interesting jewerly such as earing, nekeless or neckless charm, bracelet, headband, hat-brim decoration
also, I was able to find lots of other applications for this shape.
It could be cup-coaster, shape of coffee table, woman's handbag strap like gucci handbag handle or handle, napkin holder ring something like that.
This shape has lots of fun and practical applictions.

I put little halls in there to make it look like jewely.
The good thing about this design is that all the shape are different and different sizes.but
they are consistent.

Maybe, I can use this shape as artistic display like large installations like wall decoration. Maybe I can use it with some type of fabric to give it texture or something like that.


Monday, February 18, 2008


I found some interesting shapes in pencil shavings when I shaved pencils that I used. It looks like a delicate flower so, I wanted to make something interesting for my mobile assignment. At first, in my mind I thought about clouds moving in the sky or even women's hair curls which is blowing in the wind. I was very excited to be thinking about possible new ideas with his material, but I had some problems because to make one complete shape that looks like something, I would need lots of pencils and pencil shavings, and moreover to make those shapes consistent I had to use only a few centimeters of a new pencil to make this shape. It is also very fragile to connect each shape. It was more complicated than I expected. This is like kind of vine, so I call this PencilVine. I had a fun during this work. Even though this is about mobile assignment, I will be able to apply to lots of different shapes and give it mobility, like blowing in the wind or twisting.

More pictures
pencilVine <-- click here ^^!